I Am a Window

I am a window, and I shall rule the entirety of your realm of thought, be it only for seconds. I shall let my power be dawned upon you, and you shall discover in your pitiful bewilderment that even you, the superior human, can be tamed by words if it is my will to punch them into your wrecked, flawed brain. This window that is talking, this protagonist and narrator of a foolishness, this absurdity that you read, shall be the conqueror of your thought and the filler of the gap that is your mind and is constantly poured in by meaningless gibberish of the words you hear and the words you make. This window, worthless until moments ago, a sideshow in your carnival of madness, has now prevailed in your eyes and your ears and your soul. This window has overtaken you without your realization coming in way, without your ever knowing it. You are the slave of my words, human.


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