A Scientific Debate on the Deathless Life

– What do you want to do when you grow up?

– Die.

– Die? Why?

– Because, well, it would be somewhat boring not to die, wouldn’t it? To just live on and on, forever.

– Yes, I suppose it would.

– You’d take a knife and stick it in your head and still not die. It would be frustrating.

– That would be quite interesting actually.

– Hmmm. Yes, you’re right. You could slice your neck and take your head by the hair. Then you could look at the rest of your body, because you would neither be attached to it, nor would you be dead.

– And you’d see the blood flowing out of your neck and splashing around.

– Yes! That would be fascinating, wouldn’t it? Seeing the blood in your neck through the head that’s not on it anymore?

– It certainly would.

– And you’d have to live all your life carrying your head around with you. Or you’d tape it to your body. Then if the tapes on one side get loose, your head would hang from the other side and you’d have to put it back in its place. Like how you fix your spectacles!

– Yes, that’s true, but only if your body lives. But what if you cut your neck and your head lives, but not your body?

– Wow. Then I’d have to make a wheelchair for my head. Or rather, a wheelneck!

– Or you could make an artificial body for it. Like a robot with a metal neck.

– Precisely! Eventually the scalp could be taken away too, and there’d only be the brain left!

– Perhaps the brain could be removed as well. Then you would become a full robot.

– That’s right!

– Do you still want to die when you grow up?

– Well, will we have finished the robot by the time I cut off my head?

– Probably.

– Then I suppose not.


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