A Pocket Shotgun Commercial Script

He was feeling the cool wind on his hooded face and riding the bike with a speed to match the empty street of the night and his gleeful mood. Then, while a car was passing beside him, its driver pulled out his head and suddenly shouted at him as if he had just been freed from an atrocious mental hospital. The boy startled and shouted at the air. Then he pulled his bicycle to a stop, panting from fear and anger, and muttered, “I’m ready this time.” Then he took out a shotgun and shot at the driver from the back of his car. The car stopped and, to his satisfaction, he saw blood streaming out of it. Then, as he was getting on his bike to joyfully ride away, he heard something and turned his head to see a grumbling old man open the window of his house, curse the sons of bitches who didn’t let him have a decent night’s sleep, pull out a shotgun, and shoot his head off to the ground.


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