Confusion Lost

The mind dwellers were talking. No, almost shouting. It was of the most crude kind, but they didn’t care. No one was there for them to care. They simply quarreled, and then something interesting came up and they got fascinated by it and stopped their quarrel. They described it to each other. Expanded it. Then, in their expansions, they took different directions, and each made a path of their own. They seemed content until they saw the path the other had gone, and thought that inadmissible and quarreled again. They talked, no, shouted, and then got fascinated by something amongst their talks. They took it, expanded it, quarreled. But then at times, they went on the same direction, and they went on and on, ever peaceful and content, with nothing to quarrel about. And it was so peaceful, they didn’t bother being fascinated, and went on forever, on the same direction, until they became one, and all the wonder fell away.


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