Eurekean Catastrophe

As they walked, a loud explosion was heard. The street startled. All conversations gave way to the dominance of the smoke that rose from the now-gone sound. The more diligent were ready to dial, to call for help, save people. But then he came out, with a white-grey lab coat and a joyful face. “It’s worked!” he said. The walkers, now excited to be part of history, forgot the firemen and asked of his discovery. “It’s worked!” he only said, his mouth widening as he stood outside the building. The walkers, curious, rushed past the mad scientist and into the building. Moments later they reappeared beside the scientist and uttered with awe, “It’s worked!” The others on the street asked them of what they were talking, but they too only exclaimed that “It’s worked!” So a second group went in, and in coming out, spoke out the same words, “It’s worked!” and answered with none other. Third, fourth and fifth groups went in and soon the street was only filled with the same sentence coming out of the inhabitants’ lips, that “It’s worked.” And so months later no human was to be found in the city, all having given way to starvation, and no one was left to tell others what it was that had worked.


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