Lyssa at Work

A rascal was there that night, hiding among the bushes. He looked at it stealthily, from behind the curtain, with the lights dimmed so it wouldn’t know. He noticed the melancholic look on its face but couldn’t resist this time, and walked away from the window. The rascal saw him come out of the door and lightened up, with a bit of confusion mingled there. It didn’t know what to do. The joy of its dreams switching to reality had paralysed it. But the rascal needn’t worry, for the man ran at it from the door, his radiation brightening the bushes, like two full moons, and lifted the awed rascal and kissed it on every spot on its body, from paws to the lips to the tail. And then they lay down, gazing at the stars, faces all shining smiles, wondering what they had been waiting for.


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