Of the Mirthful Encounters On Road

“Hello, ye, o child o’ mine! How am I to help you, with your awfully small claws and perfectly large nails?”

“O local o’ this land, are you not aware? I’m a traveler, from planets away, coming with a purpose in mind, and it is here that I shall do my duty.”

“And what is the purpose you speak of, o overgrown child? Are you in search of your dolls and toys, or a much loved and long lost pet?”

“No, it is not that I come for. Come closer and I shall tell.”

“What is it, young child? Is it perhaps an imaginary parent you miss? How lonely you seem. But my child, take your claws away. My scalp is no place for those. I can aid you, but there are nerves and receptors and such, one feels pain with the force of you. And see what you have done now, my misshaped and naughty guest, there is blood on my scalp, and my thinking has become warped, all because of your recklessness. Now I shall die without having helped you with your purpose. Oh, are you going back to your homeland? Well, farewell then, young traveler. I shall rest here for a while. The blood flow makes one rather tired. I shall close my eyes now. Farewell, child, and beware of the dangers of the way. Farewell.”


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