On the Virtues of Ghosts

– If a man were to die, would you rather step on his head and sing a jolly song or die with him?

– I do not know. What sort of a man would he be?

– A most saintly one, with nothing for the angels to find but good deeds and virtuous thoughts.

– Well, I suppose I would step on him and sing then. A good man like him would not mind.

– And what if it were the devil himself?

– Or herself.

– Yes, or herself?

– Well, surely that would depend on whether it’s himself or herself.

– What if it were herself?

– Why, sing on the dead body of course. Certainly in the most heavenly realm of God a female devil would not dare get close to me, a man, for fear of breach of modesty, would she?

– I imagine not. And if it were himself?

– Death. Death it would be.


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