Dick Joke

Toilets had gone out of fashion and streets were filled with shit, swimming through town among cars and cats. Tourism was gone and with citizens taking leaks in crossways, so was shame, and so nudity also became public and tourism flourished again, albeit with tourists in masks, with only few aroused and willing enough to be without such obstacles between them and bodily beauties ahead. Senses, in a confused state, often mixed pleasure of the skin and alertness of the stink, and the new habit of people was to want lovemaking with the most profane and precarious, and psychological warfare and propaganda of old days was replaced with pornography and arousal. Generations later, atomic bombs had been proclaimed sinful for their sexual appeal, and there were fights in parliaments among prominent groups and allies advocating increase or decrease in budget for pornography as a policy of deterrence. But even by then, no one had yet discovered that it was not only nudity that had accompanied alertness, it was feces too, gaining more and more power with the new propaganda, and that was the dark instrument of the malevolent secret societies; to feed all humans with natural fibre and have them suffer in the abundance of shit, their daily agony.


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