Romance of Sherlock

Elegance was dripping from her strides, charm floating out of her glance, an awful hope from her smile. But she turned away to intoxicate the rest, and he of course could not bear to do away with the wish. He stepped towards the woman, and a few details became manifest, rather disturbing, but still, beauty had flaws, he warned himself, that could not be denied. Another step, and this time not flaws, but whole horror struck. The past was now in his eyes. The ill life, the traumas suffered and caused. There could be no dismissal. Yet there was, and the self-possessed, love-struck man in search of a beauty beyond grasp, took another step, powerfully, and an avalanche, flood, a whole ocean of immorality poured upon him, unacceptable, intolerable, arrant vulgarity, filth, the hideous, unabashed humanity of her. Then nothing at all. No further step. The woman felt a stare, turned, glanced, uttered a “creep” and strode ahead.


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